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A woman has filed a lawsuit against M & M’s in store for the injury.
American woman is suing the organization of Mars Incorporated, because in one of their chain stores fell on her machine with confectionery.
45-year-old resident of the United States Beth Flickinger filed a lawsuit against the corporation Mars, which owns the trademark M & M’s, for the fact that it fell on the machine with candy during a visit to the mall.

According to the victim, she went shopping with her children. The woman decided to taste the chocolates and together with his sons went to a special machine, filled with colorful sweets.
Once Flickinger lowered into the machine money and pressed the button, it fell a huge structure with pastry. To the aid of a woman came store employees and visitors. The witnesses summoned medical assistance, which fixed the lady fracture of the cervical vertebrae.

- A long time I could not get over it – admitted a resident of New York City. – I spent a lot of time in the hospital, she lived with the hope that sooner or later my health is restored, and I can get back to normal.
However, no improvement is forthcoming. Beth Flickinger admitted that after the incident in the center of torogovom she developed a herniated disc. A woman experiencing a constant headache.

- My life has turned into a nightmare – said Beth. – I need the money for treatment, and I decided to uphold justice in the courts.

The first thing Flickinger asked Prime shopping center Toys’R'Us, where the accident happened. However, representatives of the store assured her that in an event is not their fault.
- I was a fait accompli that the mall is not responsible for the security apparatus – admitted American. – Then I filed a lawsuit in court for a corporation Mars Incorporated.

Independent experts insist that the dispenser fell to an American because of workers Centre. Currently Flickinger family is preparing for the next session of the court.

Amount of material compensation claimed by Beth Flickinger, not reported.

The woman

The woman

The woman was kicked out of the water park for a small swimsuit.
Administration of the institution in American Independence counted bikini visitors of too frank.
Madeline Schiffer expelled from the park in Independence, Missouri, USA. Guide to places of entertainment is sure that the protection and manager made the right decision, as visitors of attire did not meet its forms. The woman said the incident age discrimination and the type of figure. The case went to trial and caused a public outcry.

“If the 16 – 18-year-old girls wearing the same outfit, no one criticizes them without shame or makes them feel uncomfortable” – quoted by Daily News Medellin Schiffer. The woman added that the leadership of the water park should equally apply to all visitors, regardless of their age and completeness of the figures.

When Schiffer rested with his nephews in the water park, she was approached by two security guards. They asked the visitor to wear shorts or retire, because, in their opinion, the lower part of the bikini was too small for her figure. The woman has requested a meeting with the manager – he came and supported their subordinates.

The visitor is particularly angered by the fact that the same basin resting young girl in the same bathing suits to which the employees’ Oasis adventure “was not claims. Schiffer has already appealed to the court, saying he did not understand what she had violated the rules. “It’s summer time. This pool. And I’m in a bathing suit,” – she said.

A woman in a few months dropped 45 kg, and now she is proud of her figure. “It looks amazing – says one of the supporters Schiffer page KSHB TV channel in Facebook. – And we wonder that our young girls so often encountered problems with eating behavior. Yes, because if you’re not skinny, you are discriminated against ”

Manual Water Park stated that he fully supports the actions of its employees, who own the right to determine whether the clothes of visitors ethical standards.

Recall scandal mismatch clothes taken in the pool rules broke out in 2009 in France. From the pool in the suburbs of Paris fired a Muslim, it is true then the administration felt that the woman dressed too. Woman bathing in a special suit with a hood that does not violate religious norms. In the debate on this issue and came to the then President Nicolas Sarkozy. In one of his speeches he said that the veil covering the figure from head to toe, is the symbol of the enslavement of women and demeans her dignity.

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